Wednesday, June 17, 2009

before and after

We have a consignment store here in town. It's... a little creepy. I've only ventured in twice since we've lived here. Which is insane since I apparently have a thing for buying other people's stuff that they don't want anymore. Anyways, it's always kind of a mad dash through the place because I have to hold my breath.... Yeah.
So this last time as I ran through I spotted an old high chair that sparked my interest. As I'm quickly (running out of breath) scanning over it thinking, "Eight bucks is a freaking STEAL," the owner says, "I'll give it to ya for five." Sold.
So here it is before:
No tray, but sturdy as ever and it slides perfectly under our table. Quinn thinks that's pretty cool.
I didn't realize till I took off the back that it had been recovered before. They used an interesting technique:
Then I realized that since it was metal I wouldn't be able to staple the fabric on. I very nearly swallowed my pride and copied their technique, but then Mandi suggested sewing elastic around the edge to make a sort of gusset. She's brilliant. It worked perfectly. Here's the finished product:

I painted the bottom and the back a creamy white. I don't know what to do about the metal rails. They're a little rusty. But I'll most likely just leave them alone.
I bought some super durable clear vinyl to go over the fabric so that we'd be able to wipe it clean. I feel like a genius.
The fabric is by Heather Ross.

Max approves

that face...

mandatory Mama and boy shot


Operation: More Color and Pattern In My Life is coming along beautifully.


Travis and Cristan said...


and I love the rug...can you believe I haven't seen it in person?!
I need to come over!

MaryPosa said...

So, reading your blog at home with Elliot... she looked at these pictures of Max and said "he's by best friend!" and kissed the screen. then she said "we go to Katie Howin's house?" so yes i love you and so do my kids.

maurine said...

You know you could sand the rails down a little and spray them with silver spray paint. It would cost about a dollar. Erick spray paints EVERYTHING. And it actually looks pretty good most of the time. Anyways, I love the rug too, looks like you're a good decorator! Wanna come help me?? I stink at it.