Friday, May 8, 2009

no subject.

I need to read this EVERY DAY.

Happy Friday everyone.
I'm tired.


Kristin, Scott, & Emily said...

Did you rub a balloon on his head, or does he naturally have AWESOME hair like that?

Team Cowan said...

That's just Max's hair. I'm totally jealous.

BRITTANY said...

I do love his hair! I just want to rub his little head.

Angela said...

Awwwwwwwww, MAAAAAAAAAAN! I let James shave Isaac's sweet lil' noggin yesterday, and it's been nothing but heartache and regret ever since. He has been nagging me to let him shave that "nappy" head since he was born. I thought it was more of a "happy" head, as seen in exhibit A, picture of Max.

p.s. The Goose Girl is a fun read.
p.s.s. I recently finished The Glass Castle, and also LOVED it. Very interesting.
p.s.s. I am making your mexican lasagna tonight! ^_^