Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WHAT in the WORLD???

I was impressed by how well everyone did on that last challenge. I was hoping I would have you all fooled into thinking it was some sort of delicious treat. Why do I think that would be funny?
Here's round 2:

What the heck is this?? Bonus if you can tell me where I found it.

Hint/Reassurance: It's not nearly as nasty as it looks. Ya sicko.


The Mabb's said...

This is wet dryer lint scraped from the outside vent of your dryer. It has since collected a green Barbie shoe and an old orange fake fingernail with a french manicure.

DANG, I'm good. :)

Anonymous said...

Ummm. . . an orange and green tie-dye shirt wrapped up in a nasty huge hairball?

Travis and Cristan said...

Iwas going to guess dryer lint, but since someone already did... Hair from your shower's drain- looks like about a months worth-you sick-o!

MaryPosa said...

yes wet lint is rather possible, especially since neither you or zach seem to have enough hair to cause a hairball of that magnitude. The green glob is definitely a fruit snack.

BRITTANY said...

hummm...a melted plastic toy...found either in the bottom of the dishwasher...heat vent...dryer...or oven...somewhere hot enough to melt it.