Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I've been noticing how much our boys are growing this week. Quinn is a different boy this week than he was last week. It seems like so many things have just clicked in his head. He just suddenly seems so much like a big boy. And that could also be a result of his recent haircut - he always seems grown up when we chop off his curls.
And Max.... He's just a BIG BOY. (Ok, he's not huge or anything - he's just a bigger baby than we're used to. We're taking things directly from Quinn's drawers and putting them in Max's.)

So here's proof of our growing boys:
Max - August of 08 (awwww...)

Max - March of 09 (chunk)

More proof: Quinn's socks.

Explaination: When I was little it always bugged me that little boys my age ran around with their socks hanging halfway off their feet. Like they were having so much fun being crazy that they didn't even notice their socks were about to fall off. I remember thinking, "That can't be comfortable! What's wrong with you?! Fix your socks, dangit!!" So here's Quinn yesterday:

Now he's a little boy running around with his socks falling off. And he doesn't care one bit. In fact, I'm sure he didn't even notice. But he probably thought it was strange that Mama kept taking pictures of his feet. You know, I like to capture the important things in life.

Realization that happens to me all the time: Something that used to drive me insane is suddenly adorable because my child is doing it.

Last proof:

Today Quinn asked for a piece of bread with honey. This is amazing because Quinn has NEVER asked for anything to eat. Unless it involves candy, cookies or cake, of course. So I made him that bread as fast as I could just in case he soon realized, "Wait a minute, I hate eating!" But he didn't. He sweetly took the suitcase style sandwich from me and said, "Tanks Mama" and went off to eat it while he watched a ridiculously silly show all about John Deere tractors (it's his favorite right now. Don't you love their favorite phases?). Anyways, about ten minutes later I went over to check on the eating status and found this:

This is the most awesome thing I've seen all day. This made me realize, once again, that he is a big boy now. Or, maybe not a big boy... He's a little kid. Not a baby anymore. He decided he didn't want to eat his crust, and then just worked around it! Awesome. Problem solving.

So then to prove that I am a full on mom, I ate the crust. :)

Now here are the latest and greatest shots of the boys:


Jill said...

Your boys are so handsome! Wow time flies! I love that you ate Quinn's crust for him, it's nice to know I'm not the only mom that eats their childs unwanted food bits.

Sonja said...

Un-taunt sock wearage is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. I think Jackson actually takes after me in this regard because his are always on snug. Chris on the other hand... I don't think he can even feel his feet. The day I realized he was wearing one of his socks with the heel on TOP(!) - I about died. Love the new blog and seeing you and the boys!