Monday, March 19, 2012

overheard (plus one!)

Quinn:  "Oompa, Loompa, Doopadee Do!  I've got another puzzle for you!.... What do you get when you guzzle down sweets, eating as much as an elephant eats??....."  Over and over and over again. All. Day. Long.

*Quinn making up some disgusting song about poop.*
Katie:  "Quinn!!! ENOUGH with the potty talk!!"
Quinn:  "But.... Uncle Ben says it....."
Katie:  "Well... *laughing quietly to myself*... Uncle Ben has a potty talk problem."

Katie:  "PLEEEEEEEASE STOP LYING ON TOP OF OLIVER!!"  Seriously, all day.

Quinn and Max:  "Can we go to the laundromat again?!?!!?  Please?!  Please?!!"

Max:  "Tan I pway my Wii?" Over and over again.  All. Day. Long.

Zach:  "Let's go to bed!"
Boys:  "Nooooooo!!!!"  (He says it probably every day within an hour or two from getting home from work)

Max in his "baby Ollie voice": "I'm a wittle butthead!!"
Katie: "Maxwell!  We do not talk like that!"
Max:  "It was Oliver!"

Quinn:  "I can run really fast.  I can run the fastest.  I can run like, 6,9,7, fast.  That's really fast, huh?"

Max:  "Mama!  Top bein' a punk!
Katie:  "What did you just say?"
Max:  "I said, Mama!  Top bein' a PUNK!"

Max:  "After I dow potty will you sing, "He's a jolly dood fella?"

Quinn and Max as soon as Zach walks in the door every day:  "Papa! Let's wrestle on the bed!!"

Quinn:  "Is Papa about 5 minutes tall?"

Katie:  "Ok, enough screen time *turning off the t.v./wii/computer*.  It's time to play with toys or color in coloring books or SOMETHING."
Quinn:  "No!!  I don't WANT to play with my toys!"
Max:  "Me too!! I HATE them!!"
Katie:  "Ok, that's fine.  But we have a lot of toys, and if you're not going to play with them then we need to pick some to take to the DI *picking up toys to get rid of*.

Katie:  "Quinn, I've asked you over and over again - Please do not try to kiss or hug Oliver while I'm nursing.  I'm serious.  Not while I'm nursing.  Do you understand?  Quinn, do you understand??"
Quinn:  "I understand!" *running away, feeling successful after mauling the nursing Ollie.*  Repeat every 3-4 hours.

Zach: .............. (It's March Madness, and he's a happy, happy man) ;)

Oliver:  *lots of raspberries, squeals, and smiles paired with maniacal kicking that make him look as though he's so happy he just might explode.*

AND (I can't believe I forgot this one when I first posted this)....

Katie:  "Hey Quinn, how does it make you feel when you see Mama and Papa kiss?
Quinn:  "Happy."
Katie:  "Oh yeah?"
Quinn:  "Yeah.  It makes me want to dance."
Then we tested it out, and it's true - he danced. ;)


Jenn Lee said...

LOL! They sound so funny. I like how you keep track of things they say. I should do that more often. I have alot of the same discussions with my kids. Especially the nursing issue. ak. Get away while I'm nursing please. :) Hope your week is starting great for you Katie!

miss dawn said...

I love this so much!

Danielle said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I love it. I love it all. Your family is awesome. From raspberry blowing Oliver to March Madness watching Zach, hands down, your family rocks. :)

OUR HOUSE said...

Like, like, like. I'm going to read this post several time, and laugh every time I read it:)

robin said...

oh man this is so great. i love kid quotes!

i often laugh at things i find myself saying throughout the day just like your "stop lying on top of oliver!" funny, funny stuff.

Tiffany said...

HA! They sound so...Sigg. :) And many of the same things are heard over here....particularly the begging for electronic devices....esp. Wii. eesh.

On a side note, my security words for leaving this comment were:
youvente disisho. Say that 10 times fast.

MaryPosa said...

"It was Oliver!" (That was my favorite.)