Tuesday, February 21, 2012

20. & 21.

20. Handwriting:

This is a note from my dad that's hanging on our fridge.  He sent it (along with a pack of Bubble Tape Gum) when Quinn memorized his part for the Primary program in sacrament meeting and said it for them over the phone.  I've always loved my dad's handwriting.

21. A favorite photo of you: 

This is from, I think, our first year at the beach after being married.  I'm 20, Zach's 22.  We were babies.  I didn't realize that life would get so much better than it was.  We've come a long way.  I know I said this yesterday, but dangit, I still love that man.

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jen said...

I've always loved my dad's handwriting, too. It's very blocky and all caps like yours!

Love the picture from your first beach trip as newlyweds. I know what you mean about not realizing life would only get better. i can't imagine what i'll feel in another 9 years. i think the amount of love will be overwhelming!