Tuesday, February 14, 2012

14. heart

I learned an important lesson this week:  Don't start a diet the day before Valentine's Day.

This is the second day in a row that friends have dropped off heart shaped sugar cookies at our house.  In fact, you know the video from yesterday, and how Edison is barking at the end of it?  It's because our friends were sneaking up on the porch at that very moment.  I caught them. ;)

Anyways, I started the Game On Diet on Monday with a bunch of friends.  So far I'm just going through withdrawals, which isn't fun when there are cookies and candies laying all over the place.  Actually, withdrawals are never fun.  But I haven't given in.  Friday is my day off, and I can already imagine what it's going to look like.  Like a precursor to diabetes.

Happy Valentine's Day y'all.


jen said...

like a precursor to diabetes. ha ha ha!

Emma said...

I'm not checking out those cookies- I'm checking out that produce section in the back on the counter- impressive! good luck with the withdrawals!