Saturday, January 28, 2012

some links from our saturday

Watching: The BBC's Sherlock. Amazing. Truly. This part makes us laugh no matter how many times we watch it:

Listening to this playlist for our Saturday:

Reading Crossed by Ally Condie. It kind of has the same idea as The Hunger Games, only MUCH more mild (aka: boring in comparison). I read the first book, so I might as well see it through. It started off pretty good, but now it's getting a little cheesy. Blegh. Hopefully it won't last through the rest of it. I'm about halfway through.

Eating this. And it was pretty darn good. I didn't have a full cup of blueberries, so I added some frozen mixed berries. I think it made it even better than it would have been. In my personal opinion...

Working on the quilt like I talked about a few posts ago. And finding that one square a day is not NEARLY enough. I'm too excited to see the finished product and I know that one of these days I'm probably going to lock myself (and maybe Oliver...) in my sewing room and crank out a few dozen squares. Just kidding, that will never happen (unfortunately). Anyways, here's where I'm at:

Playing with all the premium features on Picnik (as you can see above. hearts!) now that they're closing down. Sad and SWEEEET.

Looking forward to polishing off the dark chocolate mini cheesecake that I bought for me and Zach yesterday (goodnight children!) and watching a little Project Runway Allstars. Yeah boy. We know how to have a good time. ;)

Laughing at this awesome picture of Ollie and Max:

I know I caught him mid-yawn, but I like imagining him yelling in protest.
Maybe to being swaddled? Or is he unhappy about the hilarious hat?
Also, Max? Holy huge cranium.

Also laughing at this picture I found from Christmas. I know before I said I didn't have any pictures of my parents when they were here for Christmas, but in fact, I have one:

Much like the previous picture, I know Dad is pulling the hood
away from Ollie's face and surely saying the sweetest things to him,
but all I see is Ollie getting the third degree from Poppy.

I gotta leave it at that now that Oliver is eating and I don't want to type with my left hand anymore.
Happy weekend!


jen said...

we love the BBC Sherlock. Though 3 episodes per "season"?? That's simply not enough!

those pictures of Ollie cracked me up. Especially the one with your Dad - it looks like he's been yelled at for missing curfew or something.

happy saturday!

Emma said...

So excited for Sherlock- so funny! Love BBC.
Ollie is so cute. And I'm glad there was proof of your parents being there at your place...or at least your dad ;)! (I forgot to switch their photographs in their house...darn.)

OUR HOUSE said...

Yeah, I was totally mad at you for not taking pics with the parents on Christmas, so this is a treat - and look how wide Ollie's eyes are when grampa is grilling him;) Love it!

aswigfromthesiggs said...

Love Sherlock. I like the guy that plays Watson. I dig Mumford and Sons, but Ben hates them. Not sure why. I read Matched and it was silly. Can you just tell me what happens in Crossed? Excited to see your quilt when it is done. And your Dad is a VERY stern man, he has no problem disciplining infants :)

Jill said...

As always I love to read about all the fun things you guys are doing. Ollie is so cute! I love the pics! Laughed pretty hard. Especially at the look on his face when your day is lecturing him! Ha! Hope everything is still going great!