Monday, December 12, 2011

direct side effects of having brothers

Sorry Ollie. Get used to embarrassment.

And here's hoping you don't have any issues with personal space.

Of course, we know you'll be just fine. You can always just throw up in Quinn's mouth. Like you've done twice already. That's what he gets for being a close talker.


jen said...

ha! throwing up in his mouth? that's awesome. little brother revenge!

Jenn-Lee said...

lol! Love it!

Tiffany said...

Ha ha those are adorable.

Jill said...

Ha ha ha! He almost looks like he is silently accusing you with his eyes for "allowing" his brothers to do that to him. And throwing up in Quinn's mouth twice?! Ha! That's awesome!

ps- I love that picture in your last post of you and all your precious boys on the hospital bed with you. So sweet.