Tuesday, October 4, 2011

nope, still no baby. but here's a funny story about zachary.

So I'm making homemade macaroni and cheese, and I realize that we're out of milk. I considered mixing up some powdered milk (since I'm a good Mormon girl and have a large supply of powdered milk in my basement), but knew that I'd probably want a bowl of Chocolate Cheerio's around midnight tonight (since I'm pregnant and Chocolate Cheerio's are one of the many ways God tells me he loves me), and for that, powdered milk for sure wouldn't cut it . So I knew I had to go to the store right away (our grocery store closes at 7:00. yep, our town is that small). So I told Zach that I had noodles boiling on the stove and that I was running to the store. As I walked out the door I said, "Just don't forget that the noodles are boiling." No, actually as I walked out the door I said, "BRB!" Which is funny because we don't have cell phones and thus don't text. To which he replied with another set of letters that only a small handful of people would understand and I'm not going to explain because it was slightly inappropriate. Which we're allowed to be since we're married (Zach would like me to note here - to any students that may have read this - however inappropriate you may be imagining it to be, it was in no way THAT inappropriate). Anyways, so when I left he was sitting on a stool beside the stove, keeping watch of the noodles and reading a book.
Meanwhile I go to the store and realize that there are a couple more things that I want to pick up (is it ever really just milk??), so it takes a little longer. On top of that I run by a friend's house to drop a couple of things off and to steal her newspapers (coupons, baby). So I end up being gone about 20 minutes.
As I get out of the car at home I think, "Hm, it smells like noodles all the way out here... surely he took them off the stove and drained them...." I walk in the house and there he is, sitting right beside the stove, with the water still boiling. I smiled at him and stirred the noodles, seeing immeadiately that they were far puffier than they were supposed to be, and that half of them were stuck to the bottom of the pan. I just kind of laughed and said, "You did a great job watching the noodles. I love you." And right then it dawned on him that he was supposed to do more than simply watch them. He just said, "Wow," shocked at his own absent mindedness. I said, "Did you stir them or anything?" "Nope. Just sat here." Awesome. I drained it and we laughed about how over-cooked and mushy it was.
Oh well. Start over. Not a big deal.
I had to record this because it is so Classic Zach. He is the absent minded professor. While we were laughing about this he told me that today around 3rd period he realized he had to pee, but just went on with teaching. Then when school was over (4 periods later??) he thought, "Dang, I really need to pee!" And realized that he'd failed to go when he thought of it HOURS before. Then yesterday he gave blood at a blood drive and was wondering why he felt so light-headed the rest of the day. Oh, I don't know, maybe because he forgot to eat lunch?? Yeah, that'll probably do it. And that was the third day in a row that he'd forgotten to eat lunch. He's obviously never been pregnant before.
So I guess the only point of this story is to poke fun at Zach, but also to say, Dangit, I love my husband. I do. I love him.

And I know this is an awful picture that doesn't have anything to do with the story, but it makes me laugh. I'm probably about 6 months pregnant with Max here. Zach had just gotten over a horrible case of shingles (I know, what is he, 75?), and inadvertanly gave me chicken pox because of it. Yep, I caught chicken pox from my husband while I was pregnant. As you can see I'm covered in calamine lotion and looking ROUGH. But we took this picture and after looking at it we laughed and laughed at the face Zach was making. And then tried for about 20 minutes to get him to duplicate it. In fact he just walked in and saw the picture and then ran to the bathroom to try to make the face again. It's impossible. Once in a lifetime. So glad we caught it on camera. Even better that I'm covered in spots. This one will go down in Team Cowan history.


mason said...

So....Boston came home the other day and told me that a little boy in her class named Quinn told her that he has a new baby brother! I thought for sure that you had had your cute little boy!! :)

Tiffany said...

haha, funny story...sounds like me. Um, this picture...is it just me or does zachs head look like its in a frame with that fake green carpet stuff (like a hat)?