Sunday, July 3, 2011

we interrupt this blog with summer

We're having too much fun to post.
Here are a couple of things to hold you over till I get my desire to blog back:

Max seems to have contracted Zach's sleep disorder of falling asleep at odd times and in odd places. Either that, or summertime is just absolutely exhausting to him. Max hasn't been napping regularly for a while now (makes for much easier bedtimes), but lately he's been zonking out whenever he gets the chance. In the car, on bike rides, on the couch... Luckily he still goes to bed without a fight. Plus, he looks really cute when he sleeps:

This picture of Quinn made Zach and I laugh and laugh. This is such a Quinn face. I see it a million times a day. Usually it's when he thinks something is funny or weird and is accompanied by a, "Huh??" (imagine the Home Improvement/Tim Allen grunt). I don't care who you are, this kid is beautiful:

And just in case you're wondering how fat I am (at just over 6 months pregnant), here's a picture that Max took of me and Quinn a couple of days ago. It's getting harder and harder to move move around without the occasional groan or grunt (that's right, I used the word "grunt" twice in one post). Also, Max could learn a thing or two about lining up a picture:

I need to keep a notebook with ideas of what to post about. I think about it throughout the day, and then when I sit down to write I can't remember a thing. Kind of like how I didn't remember to add the sugar to our banana bread a few days ago (sorry Zach) (also, if you're going to tell me how gross it is every time you eat a piece, STOP EATING IT).

I've had an idea in my head for a post for a couple of weeks now, but I fear that it could be... a bad idea. I've been thinking recently about how people tend to have a few things that they feel strongly about. And I have a few. But I try not to voice them too much because I know that a lot of people feel differently than I do on a lot of subjects. I would hate to hurt feelings or turn this happy little place into something... heavy. You know what I mean? Any thoughts on the subject? And what do you feel passionately about??

Also, isn't summer the best thing ever?????


Hailey said...

You look great... even headless. :)

As for the topics? Yeah, it can get tricky. It's your blog, and you should feel free to write what you want. But sometimes people get overly sensitive. I figure if I don't agree with somebody's opinion? Oh well.
One topic I'm passionate about is bad parenting. I mean, we're not all perfect, but for goodness sake, don't let your kid rule your house.
Ok, sorry. I'm going to get on a soapbox if I don't stop now.

Happy 4th!

jen said...

I get lazy about blogging in the summer, too. I just want to sit in a pool/body of water and read books.

As for sensitive topics - I feel the same way. I know I have a lot of opinions that aren't necessarily shared by many of my blog readers. For example - I am for gay marriage, against drinking soda. Both of those are sensitive topics (marriage equality and how a person chooses to eat) and I have a lot of thoughts on each one. But I haven't quite figured out how to express them on my blog without sounding preachy.

PS - Quinn's face is funny. You have beautiful children!

MaryPosa said...

"also, if you're going to tell me how gross it is every time you eat a piece, STOP EATING IT" - that made my day. Truly it did.

Go and vent and be passionate about something. no one is required to agree with you, but you, my dear, are entitled to a) post whatever you want on your blog b) have strong feelings about things, and c) delete/not approve any comments that are mean or, you know, not in line with your opinions... because it's your blog. :)

And your tummy looks marvelous.

Shannon and Marcus said...

As always Katie your blog is such a great entertainment for me. Personally I think you should post anything you want--even if it is heavy material. If people don't like it, then that is their problem.

Tiffany said...

hiya! If there is one thing I learned from our homeschool video class (what was it called?) was that it is good to have an opinion and a strong belief about things.
If you are worried to change your "family" blog into something heavy you could create a different blog (or another page on your blog) for just your thoughts and for discussions like Maurine started out with for a while. I think its fun to hear peoples opinions, I always learn so much!

OUR HOUSE said...

I think of my blog as a kind of journal/family history type thing, so if you feel that way about your blog, then putting things that you are passionate about on your blog would be important for your posterity. Whatever is a part of you, who you are as a person, that should be written down. And I agree with Mary that you can always ignore/delete unwelcome comments. If people are offended when no offense is intended, then that's their problem.