Saturday, June 4, 2011

is this heaven?

The other day a lady that I don't know asked me if I knew if I was having a boy or a girl (while watching my boys wrestle each other on the ground). When I told her it was another boy her eyes got really big and she got kind of a yucky look on her face and said, "Are you going to have any more after that???" I kinda laughed and said, "I don't know, maybe. Probably. We're just taking them one at a time (thank goodness)." At that she just shook her head and said, "You're crazy! You're really crazy!!"

I understand what she's saying. I really do. And sometimes I feel crazy. But a good majority of the time, I just feel lucky. Really lucky. Because I have the coolest kids ever.

Like, when I say something to Max and he replies by throwing his hands up and saying, "Mama!? Are you tidding me?!?"

Or when Quinn makes a really impossible suggestion, like, "I know, how about we make a cake and then we could make cupcakes and then we could make cookies and then we could make popcorn and then we could eat it all!!" (Okay, so that's not totally impossible.... or even very unlikely in this house) But then in order to make it more convincing he says, "That could be a GREAT idea!!!"

Or last night when we were talking to one of Zach's old students (him on the sidewalk, us in our car) and the kid tried to put a giant picnic umbrella in our car, Quinn said, "You're a nerd!! You tried to put an umbrella in our car! You're a big nerd!!" How cool is that? Our 4 year old called a 19 year old a NERD!

So I guess what I'm saying is, I like our kind of crazy. And I think we'd be crazy to stop making these really awesome people.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I heard this song today and even though I've posted it on here before, I have to share it again. Because it moves me. It's amazing. And while I like the unaccoustic version a little better (found here), I really love watching them sing. Especially the one in the v-neck with the face like a girl at 58 seconds. Don't you just want to invite them over to sit on your couch and sing to you??? I do. Enjoy:


makimaki75 said...

no, it's Iowa.

Sonja said...

Love the song, but do they say, "take me back to the retards?" They can't be saying that... or can they? Maybe the sound on my phone isn't the greatest. Reminds me of that song in Garden State by The Shins...and maybe Deathcab for Cutie which I was obsessed with when I was pregnant with Jackson. Which brings me to the second point of my comment. I was SHOCKED by the negative reactions I got when announcing #3. I didn't see it coming everybody was so happy for #1 and #2 but I got everything from, "well good luck with THAT!" to "you're crazy!" to "tell me you're not pregnant". I'll admit, I was offended at times. But, like you I just figured their kids/husbands weren't as cool and it was a good thing they couldn't imagine having three. Whatever - three is awesome!

Brian said...

I think you and Zach should definitely keep making awesome people because they are some of my favorite little people in the whole world. They rock.

MaryPosa said...

I was gonna say something about Iowa too. See how awesome your friends are?

Your kids make me wish arranged marriage wasn't so frowned upon. And as long as I keep making girl babies, you have my permission to make boy ones.

Also, do you ever kind of want to punch people like that in the face? Or tell them how severely tactless they are being?

I do so love you