Saturday, January 15, 2011

what we're up to

Reading (blog): this post that totally spoke to me (found via design mom). I feel grateful to have friends that I can call in those "emergencies" when you just need someone else to help you get through your day. And I feel even more grateful when I've been able to be the friend.

Reading (book): Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. To tell you the truth, I don't know whether I like it or not. It's interesting. It's weird. It's been a fairly quick read. But I'm not entirely moved by it or anything.

Watching: Despicable Me. Genius. Hilarious. Perfection. We've watched it over and over again. It's nice when you find a movie that both you and your little ones can laugh at together. This is definitely one of them.

Also watching: Heartbreaker. We loved it. Funny, romantic, great dialogue... It's french with subtitles. It says it's not rated, but I read a lot about it before we watched it to make sure there was nothing too bad. I'd say it was about the equivolent of a PG-13. (And now that I think about it, there are a few lines (like in every PG-13 movie) that you think, "Sick! Why did they even have to add that part???" Just a fair warning to anyone who watches it.)

Listening to: The Rumour Said Fire. They're Zach's latest discovery. Love harmonizing men with high voices. (I've recently concluded that I tend to like all music that includes men with high voices, harmonizing, accoustic guitar, tambourines and clapping. I'll have to do another post on this later)

Doing: Heading to Home Depot to pick out some paint for the boys' room! Pictures to follow?

Happy Saturday everyone!

And happy birthday Mandi! :)


OUR HOUSE said...

Love the post you linked to. I hope I can be a good friend when people need one. I love my friends.

MaryPosa said...

"You got shrunk tiny mouthwash! You done been shrunk!"

I could quote that whole movie and love every second of it. It's my favorite too.

"Oh I have pins and needles that i'm sitting on"

I love you, and you know that link was what I needed. I love your face! :)

Brian Passey said...

If you like dudes with high voices you should check out my buddy, Dave Tate. He's from Hurricane and now lives in Springdale with his wife (who is also a singer and a former Miss Sweden). He has a beautiful falsetto. You can hear some of his tunes at this website:

Emma said...

I really liked the linked post- soooo true! She nailed it perfectly. Thanks for sharing.
ps. sorry you and the fam jam are sick :(. Nothing worse than a sick mama taking care of sick little ones. Sending healthy vibes your way!