Wednesday, November 17, 2010

two questions

1st question: Why?

2nd question: Am I going to have to clean this up?

I'm finding that those two questions pretty much sum up my days right now.


OUR HOUSE said...

Two Answers
1) Because
2) Yes
Oh I'm sorry, were those questions rhetorical?;)

Anonymous said...

I love that they are eating together. "Quinn, will you eat this chicken leg?" "Yeah, I not."

Jen said...

I'll trade your messes for mine! Brie makes confetti out of everything and my other kids get the "clean up after yourself" family home evening every week. I could seriously clean my house four hours everyday and it would still be a disaster by the end of the night. I even have 90% of the toys confined to the garage! btw I cracked up when you told me about taking your chairs to the car wash. Fun blog, Katie. Mike's favorite was your Antione Dodson poses. I'm excited for you that you got to go to NY. What a fun group. Take care!