Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Soooooo, remember that sewing contest I've been sewing shirts for?? There were 360+ shirts submitted. A lot, right? And they've narrowed that down to the top 60. Now they're dividing those 60 up into groups of 12 to be voted on each day this week. And here's what I'm getting at - One of my shirts has made it and is on there to be voted on TODAY. Here's where the begging comes in - PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE go vote for my shirt!!! This is it:

So what you'll do is go here and on the right sidebar, scroll down till you see "VOTE FOR TUESDAYS BEST TOP" and click on "wrap top by katie" (it's the 4th from the bottom), then click on "vote!" Then, if you want, you can click "show results" and see in what dire need I am of you and everyone you've ever known to get on there and vote for me. Like, seriously dude. Like, I just gave my children cups of goldfish for breakfast and now they're outside playing in the garden in their pajamas. That's how serious this is. You've got till the end of the day. And I promise, you will be greatly blessed for your kind vote. :) Thanks to all!!
Ain't Too Proud To Beg,


MaryPosa said...

Have you clicked any of the sponsor links on her page? If you win, I hope you win something from Z. Cioccolato, because DANG that fudge looks delicious. and you can invite me over to share too. :)
But seriously, good luck! you have my vote!

Mindy said...

I voted! I voted! Awesome job Katie!!

Jill said...

I voted for you too! I hope you win!!

BRITTANY said...

Voted, Good luck!

Jill said...

Hi Brittany!

Our House said...

Whew, I made it - I voted! Good luck:)