Tuesday, April 6, 2010

majority rules

This post is random, but it gets the job done. Silly pictures and stories of silly boys.

The conversation during lunch between Mama, Max and Quinn:

Mama: "Raise your hand if you think Max is a Coo Coo Monkey!"

(Everyone laughs raises their hands)

Mama: "Raise your hand if you think Quinn is a Silly Dinosaur!"

(Everyone laughs and raises their hands)

Quinn: "Raise your hand if you think Mama is a BUMPY ELEPHANT!"

(Both boys laugh hysterically and raise their hands)

Mama wants a recount.

I walked into the kitchen the other day and found Max doing this:

After laughing and getting some funny pictures and removing him from the fridge, I turned around and saw this:

I guess everybody's gotta try it at least once.

Also - If you ever wondered what it would look like if a three year old accidentally fell into your pants while trying to climb onto your back, here ya go:

Life is weird.


Angela said...

Hahahaha! That picture of Quinn in Zach's sweats is hiLAAAAAAAAArious! I love that you can see his tiny bum!

Mama Sigg said...

I love the way you see so much humor! Life is great with little kids when we can laugh at it!! And I agree with Angela - I also love that you can see Quinn's tiny bum!

Heather said...

I can honestly say that I have never quite thought about what would happen if someone fell into my pants while climbing onto my back, but I'm glad I know. The picture on the toilet and the fridge are priceless too.

Megan Marie said...

Best post ever!