Monday, March 1, 2010

survival mode

We've been sick. Really sick. Zach has had mono for the past three weeks. He didn't go to work at all last week and he's not going to work at all this week either. We're both hoping our biggest hopes that that will be enough. We kept waking up every morning last week thinking, "Today is going to be the day. Today will be a little better." Only to find that his throat would be even worse than the day before. It makes me want to cry for him. The boys started getting sick last Sunday and by Monday we were all in the thick of it. Mono for him, colds for us. But despite it all I think we've managed pretty well. I haven't bothered with trying to keep things like normal. The TV has been on a lot. We haven't had any regularity in our meal times or in our meals. It's called, "Make a batch of pancakes and snack on them all day long." And lots of juice. I'm nervous about trying to get back to our good habits after all this is over, but oh well. It'll happen. Not important right now.

But I have to admit - there have been some definite bonuses to all this sickness. Here's a list of reasons why it's sometimes nice to be sick:

1. Me and Zach rearranged our Netflix queue so that we would get season 2 of 24 right now. It's been wonderful to watch it together in the middle of the day. Jack Bauer people. Seriously.

2. Fevers + children = Mellow, cuddly children. And 7pm bedtimes.

3. People have been too too kind and brought us all kinds of wonderful things to help ease the ill around here. Movies, Lysol wipes, artsy bordom busters for the boys, leftovers from the YM/YW's etiquette dinner (enough spaghetti and salad for a week!), pumpkin bread, herbal remedies that have seriously made a difference (seriously), soup (that Zach said must have been invented because God knew Zach would be sick one day - guess it was good), a box full of the same hand sanitizer you see on every corner at the hospital, and on and on.... Thanks to everyone who have taken such good care of us orphans in this town.

4. No obligations other than survival. Permanently it wouldn't be so nice, but right now, it's awesome.

5. Zach having about a million (or around 30) sick days at work and having excellent teachers to take over for him. This has been such a load off. I'm already trying to come up with some amazing thank yous that will be sufficient for all they've done for us. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'll try.

6. Deciding that now is not the time to diet. Nutter Bars, Cadbury Mini Eggs and ice cream thank you very much.

7. Having him around. What can I say? I like the guy.
Time for tossing the kids into bed. Time for Jack Bauer. Here's to a better day tomorrow. Over and out.

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Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you are all so sick and I hope everyone gets well soon! I have had mono and it is the worst! I am glad that the good people of Salina are taking care of you guys.