Thursday, March 25, 2010

packin' heat - *edit

Call me a crazy liberal, but I feel that if the only place you have to pack it is in your diaper, then you are TOO YOUNG for a gun.

*edit - I was informed at book club last night that this was confusing to some people. Let me explain - Yesterday I opened Max's diaper and found a gun inside. I wasn't trying to make a political statement and as far as I know Republicans are not trying to pass any laws to allow babies to carry guns. Sorry for the confusion.


The Quarnbergs said...

that is classic!! And I totally agree, you won't be shooting your eye out on this one, but something much more important!!!

Kevin and Stacie said...

I knew he was walkin a little funny last night...had we known he was packing metal we could have helped him lighten his load...Someday he is going to beat you up for posting this pic online...hilarious!!!

Travis and Cristan said...

Really I know that I am dumb...thanks for clarifying! I am relieved to know that you don't REALLY let your kid walk around with loaded guns in their diapers:)