Monday, February 15, 2010


For those of you who don't know, Quinn has a blanket named "D." And it is the real deal, Linus style, take-it-everywhere-he-goes blanket. I was just looking back through our pictures to see if I could find where the obsession began. Here's Quinn with D in March of 2007. He's 7 months old:

D is a pretty old blanket. D was MY blanket that I took everywhere when I was little. I loved to rub the yarn ties on the blanket while I sucked my thumb. Quinn, on the other hand, loved sucking the actual blanket. So you can imagine (or if you've ever had the pleasure/horror or seeing D in person, you know) how nasty D has become through the years, despite regular bleachings. And D has gone through many intense surgeries. Here's a look at the ever changing D through the years...

D had gotten fresh batting and finished edges, but Quinn had since taken a liking to the ties in the middle:

This is after surgery where I was able to use a remnant of the original D from waaaaay back (25 years?). That was the only piece we had of that fabric, so once it was gone, it was gone. And the little red spot is from a bloody nose I got when I was 5:

As you can see in this one, his attraction to the middle was over and he moved on to the edges:

A few of the edges got patches, but this one was so bad that I just cut it off:

He's since worked his way through all the remaining edges, left the middle untouched, and lost his need to suck the blanket. THANK GOODNESS. This is D today:

Hilarious, I know.

And the back:
Anyways, so I'm getting somewhere with all this ridiculousness (which I'M SURE someone will tease me about).

Some of our dear friends told us that they thought they had a blanket that looked just like D and they said that when they found it they would bring it over and we could have it. Wow. This is good news since D is nearly nothing at this point. And yes, I know, it's a blanket and he probably needs to get over it in not too long. But realize that I was also a blanket kid. And not just with any blanket - with this one. So I'm a little partial and sympathetic to Quinn's feelings on this subject.

Anyways, we were a little skeptical about our friends' blanket being exactly like D. What are the odds?? D is 25 years old, at least! So the other day they brought it by when we weren't here and just left it sitting on the couch for us to find. This is it:

It's exactly the same.

So now Quinn can take D to college. Although I do hope he's over his attachment by then...


Our House said...

maurine said...

My kids are blankie addicts as well. I make them leave them in their rooms though. Cora has two which are aptly named: "blankie" and "O blankie" short for "other blankie" She named them herself. Her "blankie" is in tatters and has a HUGE hole down the middle that I could fix because it is crocheted, and I have recently learned to crochet, but I think she likes the hole, and I'm really not in the mood to salvage a disgusting blanket. I'd rather let it waste away and trash it...or I don't know, cut off a piece and sew it onto a pillow. Either way it's gross. And you're lucky for finding that blanket! Wow!

Angela said...

Ohhhhh! Sweet mercy! My sides hurt! HiLAAAAArious! Thanks for the laugh.

Emma said...

Holy smokes, that is crazy! So cool :).

Jenn-Lee said...

That is a miracle for sure! Hey and just so you know its ok if he secretly loves his blanket when he is older. I happen to know a few in law guys that still love their big blankets their Grandma made them. I think its cute.