Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the ponderosa 2009

At the end of June we had a family reunion with Zach's mom's side of the family at Zion Ponderosa just outside of Zion National Park. Here are some of the highlights:

Max lovin' on his first gummy worm. He was a very happy boy.

Zach on the zipline. Cool pose, huh?

Me on the zipline. I'm a nerd.

After Zach's sister went on the zipline her 5 year old decided it looked like fun and shocked us all by going all by herself over and over again. She was the champ of the vacation.

Zach tried to get Quinn to kiss this duck. He refused.

Max totally let lose on the duck and wacked it about 20 times in 10 seconds.
Later in the day Zach's cousin went to pet it and it bit him and didn't let go. You gotta let those things know who's boss.

We signed the kids up for horse rides and they were all excited, but when we got there they didn't want anything to do with it. We knew Max wouldn't mind so we put him up there with the girl doing the rides. She said we weren't allowed to walk beside the horse so I told her to just go to the end of the drive and come back. But I think she liked Max so she took him on a five minute ride around the stables. It was weird. I had to fight the urge to chase her screaming "Give me back my baby!"

Here's Quinn with his twin cousins. They're almost a year younger than him and they all look like they could be triplets. These boys had a goooood time together. Can you imagine them a few years down the road? It's gonna be wild.

Here they are ready for a ride.

And what's more fun than smacking flies with diapers??? Not much.

Me, Zachary and Maxwell looking in the glass from the porch. Nice view huh?

Here's the whole Cowan clan minus Zach's brother Gib who's living it up on the slopes in New Zealand. He totally missed out. :)

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