Friday, August 21, 2009


After three exceptional mushroom meals we had our first "I've had better". It wasn't bad. But it wasn't memorable. I had already planned on making kabobs at some point this week, but yesterday I decided to be daring and try a new marinade for them. It was the recipe for chili-lime chicken kabobs and I added mushrooms, an orange pepper, red onion and zucchini. The marinade on the chicken and the mushrooms was good, but wasn't too impressive on anything else. BUT, it may not have had much of a chance at being very good in the first place -

We had a salesman show up.

It took hours.

Dinner - even though it was ready - was postponed.

We said yes to new windows.

We signed a few papers.

Then we changed our minds and said no.

It was awesome.

He didn't think it was awesome.

That made me laugh.

Here's the food:


That's right, he didn't even get to change his clothes.*

Max ate rice and peas and grapes and Cheerio's while we duked it out with the salesman. This is the only shot of him from the night. Of course, begging for more food. And looking weird.

And I made macaroni and cheese for Quinn. I'm a nice mom.

*10 points if you know the quote from the picture.


Anonymous said...

Well it looks really good. But I would probably opt for the spinach mushroom feta pizza if I could pick a meal from this week. Man, I wish I had a breadmaker just to make pizza crust. Because I hate making it from scratch. Especially because it has never turned out awesome, and there is almost nothing worse than a failure in the kitchen after hours of work. That'll pop your bubble real fast.

Blair said...

do i get extra bonus points if i can tell you which episode?

come on. you do know that song was my ringtone on blair's phone for about a year right?

boo for salesmen

yea for the cowans

MaryPosa said...

The above comment was written by mary while unknowingly being logged in to blair's account. my apologies... :)