Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We had a very special visitor on our back porch last night.

Can you find him??

It was a tiny green hummingbird!! How fun is that?? We were all completely entranced by his presence. And Edison almost ate him. In this picture below he's hiding/stuck behind a cabinet just panting and panting because Edison nearly had him in his mouth. It was one of those moments where we were all just staring at it and listening to the little beating wings and then suddenly everyone screamed, "Edison!! Noooooo!!!!"

These pictures are about to get a lot more exciting... To me, at least...

That's right, it landed on my hand. (!!!) Every time we'd get it close to Quinn he'd do his little freak out (Kind of like he's casting some kind of wicked spell. I'm sure you can imagine. He's weird.) and the bird would fly away. In the pictures below he's trying to blow it away. Probably because he was close enough to it when it was flying that he could feel the wind from it's wings. It was amazing.

I thought it was incredible. Zach was like "Eh." He's so cool he's already held a hummingbird. No biggie. But he did run and get Max (I had left him on his bedroom floor with one pantleg on when Zach told me to come see what was on the back porch) so he could take part in the excitement. I think Max also wanted to eat it. Oh, and I did manage to get the bird to land on Quinn's hand for a split second, but Quinn screamed like a little girl and the bird flew away.

Still, it was pretty awesome. And first thing when Quinn woke up this morning: "Hmmmbirt?"


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Angela said...

Dang. That says "wild" in a cool way, but it didn't turn out so cool.