Saturday, April 4, 2009

why is the red man red?

So the other day I dressed Max in red from head to toe. Which is odd because red is probably my least favorite color. I don't really know why. But he wore it rather well. He's not wearing the red pants in these pictures, but you get the idea.
He was having a great time looking out the window and having Mama all to himself while Quinn slept. Here's our little photoshoot.

The ties on Zach's sweatshirt make Max happier than anything else.

He is delicious.
Showing off his slightly orange head and red socks. And that's Edison's butt to the left.
I take pictures of my kids crying. Does that make me a bad mom?? He was only sad for a minute because I wouldn't let him play with the camera strap. I promise I gave it to him right after this picture was taken. Isn't it awesome though?


Travis and Cristan said...

I LOVE pictures of kids/babies cring! How cute is he?!!!

Angela said...

HHHHHEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!! Why didn't you tell me you started a family blog? Okay, you guys just left our house like 3 minutes ago and I missed you so I decided to check the "button blog" and I found this.

And it's my new favorite. blog. ever.

Love the construction paper eyes.

And I am also interested to see what you cook for dinners. Makes me feel like we're next-door neighbors.

I am going to check this blog every day for the rest of my life starting today.

Jen said...

Hey there! I really miss you! I'm so glad you have this blog. Okay, first of all, your boys are gorgeous, and second of all, do you use your greenhouse? I'm jealous that you like to cook. I "like" to cook as much as some people "like" dialysis. It keeps us alive and happy, but it's still a big pain to go through. (Okay, so I exaggerate a litte). I'll have to check back in on you now! Happy Easter.