Monday, April 13, 2009


So Juli (my sister) and I were talking the other day about how we always secretly admired people who took retarded pictures of themselves and then actually showed them to people (such as making them their profile pictures on facebook or something). If you're like me, you delete every bad picture of yourself that happens to roll through your camera before it has the chance of showing up on your computer screen and, in essence, ruining your day.

But since I am a huge nerd and see it as some kind of badge of bravery (or maybe just trying to love me for me):
And I'm sure Zach wouldn't want me to leave him out of all this fun...

Yeah, we're a perfect match.

Plus I thought Juli would laugh, and then feel totally jealous.


Travis and Cristan said...

No one has made a coment YET?!!! What the CRAP! These are seriously some of the funniest pictures ever! And you are right I would never be brave enough to take a picture like this. I just love you! Call me and well play :)

The Mabb's said...

Nice mugs... Zach looks like he just woke up. You look like you just got done dancing to some ska music. :) I love them both.