Monday, March 23, 2009

let the sun shine in

Our front window is the only window in the main part of the house (living/dining room and kitchen) that gets natural sunlight. We have two more huge windows in those rooms, but they're covered up by a painted green house that gives off a very ugh-ish dead grey/orange light (nice). So when the light comes through the front window it makes for some very sweet pictures. Here's a set from a few weeks ago.

Quinn looking at Max through a blue ring. Max watching in awe.

Quinn helping Max look through the ring. Max is most likely about to burst with glee.

Quinn helping Edison look through the ring.

Quinn bringing the ring for Mama to look through.

I love how Max watches Quinn. Quinn is is most definitely Max's hero.

Little Mr. Sunshine.

Love it.

Playing with the sun.

He's a face grabber. It hurts.

The end.


Jill said...

Your pictrures look so cool! I really like them!

Team Cowan said...

Thanks Jill!